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Under Federal law and most state laws, sexual harassment is not permitted in the workplace and should not be tolerated.

University of Texas Longhorns football coach Mack Brown’s longtime associate athletics director for football operations was dismissed from the university last March because a university investigation determined he made repeated unwanted sexual advances toward a female administrative assistant over a two-year period

Cleve Bryant, who oversaw numerous daily activities for the Longhorns, including game-day-operations, team travel and recruiting weekends, was fired after a university investigator determined “that Mr. Bryant did sexually harass” the staffer and that “the harassment was likely both verbal and physical.”

The sexual harassment complaint was filed by Rachel Arena, a then 24-year-old football department employee who had graduated from Texas in 2008.

The investigation show that Arena told investigators:

• That during a July 2010 meeting in Bryant’s office about whether she would receive a raise, Bryant pulled down the top of her dress and bra and fondled her breast.

• That Bryant repeatedly either told her in person or texted her that “I want to kiss you.”

• That Bryant retaliated after she told him to stop texting by creating a false allegation that she had acted inappropriately at a minor league baseball game she attended with some former Texas football players.

• That one day while in the break room, getting a bottle of water, Bryant came in, stood in front of the door as she started to leave and said, “Kiss me.” Arena said she turned away and Bryant kissed her on the neck before she could leave.

• That two other female office workers alleged that Bryant had inappropriately kissed them in the past.

• That another woman in the athletic department referred to Bryant as “old-freak-nasty” and that he once told Arena “he wanted to touch me, that he wanted to pleasure me, that he could, that he could make me happy, referring to sexually, things like that.”

Bryant, who is married, denied all of the allegations.

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I have blogged many times about sexual harassment in the workplace. These laws are applicable whether you are being harassed by a member of the same sex or the opposite sex. Just ask famed tiger
tamers, Siegfried & Roy.

Siegfried and Roy, the tiger-wrangling sensation, definitely tops the wish list of most travelers to Las Vegas! Now the reputation of the most iconic duo, in the entertainment industry, has been threatened after shocking accusations of sexual harassment have been filed against them.

Siegfried and Roy are being sued by their former assistant, Oliver Preiss. Oliver submitted a complaint to the court; which stated that he was fired after years of rejecting sexual advances coming from Roy Horn. The complaint was filed in Nevada’s Clark County Court, on September 17th.

ABC News quoted the lawsuit as saying, “Roy Horn and his stage partner, Siegfried Fischbacher, made repeated “requests for sex.” Roy Horn “made sexual advances towards all male assistants.” Ray also “forced his assistants to join him in watching pornographic videos at night.” Roy “groped” Oliver Preiss, “inside and outside of Priess’ clothing.”

If you have been the victime of sexual harassment in the workplace, either by a member of the same sex or opposite sex, speak to your Human Resources and if not addressed, file a complaint with the EEOC or go to an employment law attorney to discuss your legal rights.