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As many of you know from my prior postings, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires all non-exempt hourly employees to be paid for all time worked on an hourly basis and for all overtime worked at time and a half. This includes all work off the clock. Just because your employer tells you to work before punching in and or after punching out does not make it right or legal under the FLSA. In addition, if you are forced to work during your lunch break, you are required to be paid for that time and if it puts you over forty hours per week, then you are entitled to overtime.

Well apparently, someone in Walt Disney World’s vast legal department has not been carefully watching its cast and its supervisors. Since it agreed to pay dozens of clerks $433,000 in back pay for work performed before and after their normal shifts, according to Business Week magazine.

A report said Disney will pay the money to 69 employees of its food and beverage department in its theme park after the company was determined to have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Their work was also performed during meal times, the magazine reported, and managers were not guiding employees according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

So don’t work without getting paid for it. If you suspect your employer is not paying you correctly get it checked out by the U.S. Department of Labor, who enforces the FLSA, or an employment attorney that handles FLSA cases.