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As I have blogged about in the past, many employees come to me to complain about what bad bosses they have or what jerks their bosses are and frankly, an employer being a jerk is not legally actionable under any state or federal law that I am aware of. But, now employees of the world, you may finally have your ability to take action, even if not in court, against your nasty boss. The’s motto is “nobody should have to work with a jerk.”

The site says that eBossWatch was launched in June 2007 to help people avoid hostile work environments and workplace bullying. Because it is extremely difficult during the job interview process to discover the true atmosphere at a potential employer and the true nature of a potential manager, eBossWatch is a critical job search resource for people who are considering a career change.

BossWatch enables you to anonymously rate your boss using a respectable and focused evaluation form so that job seekers can search for bosses at potential workplaces and can receive reports detailing the ratings that each boss has received.

You can tell the world on the internet if your employer is great or horrible. It also has a section called the National Sexual Harassment database where you can post complaints of sexual harassment by an employer or boss so that someone who is considering employment with that boss can look up that information. Its akin to the national sexual predator databases out there.

EbossWatch says that “The eBossWatch National Sexual Harassment Registry was inspired by the FBI’s National Sex Offender Registry, which tracks and provides information about registered sex offenders.

The mission of our Sexual Harassment Registry is to help people avoid sexual harassers and to help put an end to sexual harassment by sending a strong message to those intending to harass their employees or coworkers that they will be publicly held accountable and will suffer serious consequences for their abusive actions.”

The Sexual Harassment Registry keeps track of not only those complaints that have gone to trial, but those that complaints were filed on and even those where no actions were taken by employee since they realize that only a small percentage of these complaints go to trial.

So those of you who have great bosses, tell the world. Those of you who have horrible bosses tell the world. And most importantly, if you have been the subject of sexual harassment, tell the world.

The name of the site is Check it out.